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About Us

Cold Crop was founded in 2018, with the goal of providing premium cannabis extracts and expertise to clients across the beauty and wellness sectors.

As a wholesaler of premium, GMP certified, product we are able to ensure origin and quality via our extensive network of growers and suppliers. Clients can rest assured that all products have been tested, and are delivered with all relevant and required information, providing a transparent and reliable supply service.

As cannabis professionals, we are also pleased to offer consulting services to labs and beauty brands that may not be as “in the know” as we are when it comes to cannabinoids. We understand the amout of misinformation surrounding cannabis and aim to demystify it for our clients. Our insight allows you to pivot with the quickly changing market and make informed decisions about the needs and wants of your business.

Our Services


At Cold Crop, we’ve made it our mission to guide our clients through the often confusing, and quickly changing, world of concentrates and extracts. Whether you’re interested in learning more about the cannibinoids available to you, or the types and formulations of a specific compound, we can help.

We understand that you need flexibility, and are pleased to work with our clients in several ways: 

  • Hourly - For a smaller project, we are happy to offer convenient hourly rates. Total hours will be decided between the two parties, based on the scope of the project, prior to commencement.

  • Retainer Based - It would be a privledge to work with you “on retainer.” We will offer our advisement for your projects for a montly fee until completed.

  • Project Based - Cold Crop offers project rates. Based on the scope of your needs we can charge per project. This is a great option for larger projects with variable timelines.

Wholesale and Brokerage

Through our extensive network of growers and labratories, we are able to offer you superior, GMP Certified, extracts and contrates at wholesale. Whether you need a specific compound for bulk production or smaller quanties for formulation, we are committed to ensuring that you recieve it on time and within budget.


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